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-Elegant Beanbag his is a very elegant chair that immediately catches the eye and falls for long in the memory.Modern yet classic block makes sitting on it like on a real chair with legs, except that the chair adapts to the person sitting and not vice versa which is a great asset.The Turbo BeanBag has an optional choice with or without bean fillings. Which means you can fill the bean bag yourself and save. Also you can choose from a wide range of colors.-Premium Quality-Highly comfortable-Elegant Design-Variety of colors-Health and quality certified-Made in EU-We use Virgin EPS Beads are the traditional small round beanbag pellets.-They average about 1/8 inch size and have a very nice smooth feel providing FIRM support for the back.-While sitting on our bean bags it supports the full frame and aligns with your body structure to fit perfectly like a glove.-When a beanbag is unoccupied it comes back to its full form to become a great interior centerpiece.Turbo BeanBags make a difference by coming with extraordinary and unique design and special materials which enables the beanbag to adjust to the person's body and shape, providing maximum comfort.

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